Do you know you are immortal?

by gaynorfitzgibbon

Hit the road running, hit the ground, kick your heels and fly! Let the wind take you wherever you want to go. Have no fear.  Everything has been decided. Ha – nothing has been decided. Nothing is certain, not even this moment, though we live it.

What do you feel? What are you feeling as you float up, up and away? Are you afraid? Why? Are you happy? Why? Do you even know what true happiness is? Do you know the sensation of pure bliss, as it flows through your veins and feeds your soul, giving of life forever? Have you ever experienced true pain, the kind that comes with loss? The loss of a child; the loss of a lover; the loss of identity; of self – the humiliation of self?

You must use your experiences wisely my friend. You have a great advantage you know, for to feel pain is to live and to live is to die and to die is to be immortal.  How foolish we are to dismiss this fact – the very essence of what it is to be human! Why does man shy away from the belief he is immortal? Does he think he has no right to place himself at the right hand of the gods? Oh, foolish creature! The gods are waiting for you to do so! How many chances have you had? How many opportunities must they gift you before you see into the water clearly? What do you want them to tell you? What are you waiting to hear? That you are mites beneath their feet? Then be a mite and forget your very nature! Forget who you are and reap no rewards.

I see clearly now. When the sun rises and warms the heart of us all I feel what it is to know that every cell in my body is alive with love and compassion and power – and the right to define my own future; to shift the earth around me; to be whatever I want to be. I am awake now. I sleep no more! I have left my bed and slumber and dreams behind me. No more dreams. Who needs dreams when we can live them! What are dreams for anyway? To give us the hope of something we have no need for? To send us further and further away from who we are; to create a false world, deepening the illusion we’ve built around us ourselves, these walls, this falsehood? We laugh, we cry, we shout, we scream – and none of it is real. No matter how hard we try through all tempestuous struggles, we cannot make it real. The reality of reality!

Be brave, you mite of the gods, ha ha, be brave! The world is larger than you think. Contrary to belief, it is not yours to own but yours to guard. This world beats far beyond your imagination, and yet, if you do not dare to imagine, you can never beat in tune. That’s the dilemma! You can choose to stand still or you can choose to explore. You can choose to step beyond the familiar into the unknown or simply remain in the mundane. It’s dark at first, without doubt, but the light is waiting for you to discover. Take a peak – it’s just around the corner!