We tear you down

by gaynorfitzgibbon

Again I walk through the Botanical Gardens and again I feel what it is to be alive. Giants of trees and palm leaves as big as elephant ears, plants that cannot move and yet, though rooted to the spot, never stand still; teaching us how to grow, how to be strong and powerful while at the same time exquisitely beautiful and unassumingly compassionate. Why, oh great arboreal guardians, do you never let us down, when we hardly know you yet continue to abuse you, chop you and uproot you? We tear you down. We tear you down! We are undeserving beasts of such extraordinary gifts.

I meander slowly, attempting a modicum of awareness, seeking out the winding paths, lightly touching overhanging roots with my fingertips, breathing in the sweet aroma of pure white petals, savouring myriad types of green. And yes I feel them, I cannot avoid, I feel them. I close my eyes and ears to feel your beating heart and pulsing veins. Believe me my friends I do feel them.

I love this place but I cannot stay forever and now I must leave.

What’s that you say? Stay a while and…well ok, why not? Yes, let’s dance!