Between the Bricks

Meanderings of a grown up girl

Month: April, 2013

Let’s Play Ball!

I’m floating in the ether. I have no idea where I’m going. I can barely see. The air is a greyish violet with touches of purple dust from time to time, otherwise, mere whispers of looming shadows and something so much bigger than I am. Shapes shift towards me. I can’t make out what they are. Maybe trees or hills, the occasional building, a mountain – what are they all doing in space? Maybe I’m not in space at all! Maybe it’s all just a dream. In any case, isn’t that what ether is – nothing matter? The matter of nothing. Mmh, what does that make me? A matter of fact? I don’t think so. I’m as void as everything else around me. No walls either side. No ground beneath my feet. Not even an ending of something above my head…infinity spreads, forever! How do I stop myself falling over the edge? The edge of what? How can you fall over the edge of nothing? Then myself – how do I avoid tripping over myself? 

Girl, that’s a whole different ball game!


Don’t Ask!

Don’t ask me what I can’t tell you! I can’t tell you what I don’t feel. I can’t feel what I don’t know. Don’t ask me to explain! It makes my head spin. I don’t want to think. I want to be blank. You don’t have to understand. I hardly understand myself!  But what does that matter? I just have to feel. Only when I feel do I know. Only then can I tell you.

This heart beats….and I don’t know what comes next!


Send me some words / I’ll send them ‘write’ back

Hello again my friend, the moon of tides and many seasons, who watches over me with shimmering light that bathes a delicate reflection upon the surface of a water hot and soothing, gently bubbling, enveloping, enriching, enlightening as I allow myself to sink, deep and heavy, just far enough, into the pitch black abyss of a sleeping world. A restful night of peaceful slumber awaits, though only when I choose not to think that I am now alone, for truth and love and you remind me that I am not. You too have your companions; you are not the only light that brightens the silky canopy of darkness. I have my friend and you have yours: a lone star that seeks to sneak between your world and mine. It cannot of course, but I honour its endeavour with a smile, gladdened by the knowledge that it is the brightest of them all – and the most precious.

And as the night recedes and I with it into sleep, that is the moment to rest; to rest until the dawn opens her eyes and faint outlines become whole again. Until then, my soul will wander, detached and free, unburdened, unclothed – for only when I am naked, am I truly pure.