Ghosts on Stilts

I hear you, ghosts on stilts. I know you’re out there, lingering in the paddy fields, digging the rich red earth with your bare hands and rudimentary tools. What are you digging for? Oh, you’re not digging for anything, I see, I’m sorry! I didn’t realise. I should have thought.

It will be over soon. It can’t go on forever. Only thing is, for many, for you, I suppose it will be too late. It was too late! Crickets and centipedes don’t really cut the mustard do they, not for men like you! Not for anyone. A rat if you’re lucky. What about the little fish and frogs? Do you fish? You’d better learn. Put away your stethoscope and learn to fish instead. Being clever won’t help you now. You have to be a different kind of clever. Pretending not to be clever is clever!